Bookish DIY Project

Hello all,

Today I’m sharing a fun DIY project. It is, of course, book related. It is a TBR Jar! For those that may be unfamiliar, TBR = to be read, aka the books you haven’t read yet.

So, what is a TBR jar? It is a jar, shocking right, filled with all the titles of the books on your TBR shelf.

Here is what it looks like:

Now, how to make it? It’s super easy.

You’ll need:

First, you’ll need to write down all your book titles or at least all the ones you want to include in your jar. You may just want to do one genre, perhaps one you typically don’t read as much. Or maybe you want to put the books that have been on your shelf far too long. You can also type them out and print them if you want. Once you write them down, cut the title into small rectangles. This can also be done first by cutting small rectangular pieces of paper, then writing the titles on those pieces.. It’s up to you how you prefer to do this step.

Next, fold the small pieces of paper so you can’t see what they are, and put them in the jar!

Additionally, you can make a cute label for your jar just like I did!

This is a fun idea for when you can’t decide on what to read next, or you just want it to be a surprise. If you add more books to your shelf, which I know you will, you can add those into the jar if you want.

Also, a little tip. If you have multiple books in a series, I don’t put them all in at once. I’ll put the one that is to be read next in the jar and once that comes out of the jar, then add the next book in the series.

You can also do this with your children’s books. This can make it super fun for them when picking what to read.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you do this, please share pictures of your jar with me! I’d love to see how creative you all are when doing this and also let me know how the jar works for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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– Holl, Momma Needs to Read

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