Tips for Rating Books

Sometimes, when you finish a book you immediately know where it lands on your rating scale. Sometimes, you have no clue, or maybe you are struggling to figure out where you feel it fits best. Something important to remember about ratings and reviews is that they are totally dependent on the reader. All readers and… Continue reading Tips for Rating Books

Book Reviews

Song of the Shieldmaiden: Review

Song of the Shield maiden (Daughters of Valhalla #1) By Ashley Hagood Historical Fiction, Viking Fiction, Romance 353 pages Published June 10, 2022, self-published CW: violence, abuse, attempted sexual assault ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Three Viking sisters, the jarls' daughters, and their mother, must all stay strong and make it through the winter in hopes of getting revenge… Continue reading Song of the Shieldmaiden: Review