Tips for Rating Books

Sometimes, when you finish a book you immediately know where it lands on your rating scale. Sometimes, you have no clue, or maybe you are struggling to figure out where you feel it fits best. Something important to remember about ratings and reviews is that they are totally dependent on the reader. All readers and… Continue reading Tips for Rating Books

Book Reviews

Dream On: Review

Dream On By Angie Hockman Romantic Comedy 352 pages Published July 5, 2022 by Simon and Schuster ⭐⭐½ After being in a car accident, Cass, wakes up from her 6-day coma to a head full of new memories of her and her boyfriend. However, her boyfriend does not actually exist and all these memories are… Continue reading Dream On: Review


Bookish DIY Project

Hello all, Today I’m sharing a fun DIY project. It is, of course, book related. It is a TBR Jar! For those that may be unfamiliar, TBR = to be read, aka the books you haven’t read yet. So, what is a TBR jar? It is a jar, shocking right, filled with all the titles… Continue reading Bookish DIY Project